Our Chapter Patriots

The Patriot ancestors of the Copper State Chapter, NSDAR, members are listed by their state of service. These Patriots of the American Revolutionary War contributed to the cause for independence through military, civil or patriotic service. For more information on a particular Patriot, please visit the DAR Genealogical Research System (GRS).

To learn more about acceptable services, please visit Accepted Revolutionary War Service.

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Ebenezer Barnum, Captain

Oliver Comstock, Sergeant



John Manning, Patriotic Service

Joseph Norris, Patriotic Service



Gardiner Avery, Private

William Carpenter, Sergeant, Patriotic Service

Solomon Hartford, Private

John Hobert, Civil Service

Peter Moulton, Second Lieutenant

James Osgood, Lieutenant


New Hampshire

Willaby Colby, Private, Patriotic Service

Moses Putnam, Civil Service


New Jersey

Thomas Brink, Ensign

William Maples, Patriotic Service


New York

Ensign Mitchell, Private


North Carolina

Andrew Kilpatrick, Ensign

Martin Speegle, Patriotic Service

Leonard Valentine, Sr., Civil Service, Patriotic Service


James Chambers, Colonel

John Daley, Private

Manuel Dorsheimer, Private

James Girdler, Private

Frederick Hill, Private

Christian Knagy, Patriotic Service

John Ritchie, Private

John Stuckey, Jr., Private, Patriotic Service


South Carolina

Bailey Anderson, Private

Michael Cobia, Private

Thomas Draper, Civil Service

Alexander Love, Patriotic Service



Robert Buckles, Sr., Patriotic Service

John Darnaby, Private, Patriotic Service

Benjamin Ely, Patriotic Service

John, Hereford, Jr., Sergeant, Patriotic Service

Archelaus Hughes, Colonel, Civil Service, Patriotic Service

Samuel Runkle, Civil Service

Isaac Snodgrass, Patriotic Service

Jacob Utterback, Patriotic Service

Randolph White, Private

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Photos courtesy of Copper State Chapter, NSDAR, members.

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